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Lisa Johnson Thebeau

     Lisa holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Yorkville University.  In 2021, Lisa dared to put herself first, and left her 15 year career in counselling within Government so that she could truly be of service to the needs of her community.    

     Lisa leads with her heart, and believes that the heart has all the answers.  Those that know Lisa, know that she has spent a great deal of her life suppressing her own feelings and emotions.  Her journey to self-love and self-acceptance forced her to dig deep so that she could find her own balance, love, and acceptance. 

     Lisa is genuine, attentive, and nurturing.  She is honest, direct, and wholeheartedly believes that under all this skin, we are all the same; in search of love and belonging.     

     Lisa is a proud mother, step-mother and wife.  If you spend time with Lisa, you may also get to meet Chip.  He regularly attends Therapy, because we all need to once in a while.    

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     After graduating with a B.A. in Psychology, Colombe followed her dream to explore Canada by moving to the West Coast. This adventure led her through vibrant places in British-Columbia such as Vancouver, Coquitlam, Squamish, Kelowna, and many small towns across central Alberta. During this journey, Colombe connected with her passion to help others and completed her Masters in Counseling Psychology which now leads her to us.  We are thrilled to have her join our team in May 2024. 

     Colombe shares our passion for trauma work. Her charming, warm, and unique personality will make every person feel comfortable and safe, even after their first session. We connected with Colombe for many reasons. Her awareness of self is remarkable, which includes her ability to find the right balance between acknowledging life’s tougher moments and appreciating its small joys. Her down-to-earth personality, her professionalism, and her warm presence will help every single one of you feel connected and supported. 

Colombe Mazerolle

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